Day 3

Dear Wolfgang,

Breastfeeding is hard. I’m sure some new mums find it easy, but as beautiful as it can be, it’s also frustrating, exhausting and painful. And it doesn’t help that every midwife is telling us different things. It’s great having help with latching and positions, but I’m about ready to take you home and just go with what works for us.

We’re both so new at this (and my milk hasn’t even come in yet) and some feeds we work together like champions, whereas others, I’m in pain because EDS means my joints can have a hard time holding you in place, and you get frustrated because you just want to enjoy being cuddled and go back to sleep. And yet, we’re all trying to make you feed more to help my milk come in. As a result, we both end up in tears.

My goal is to exclusively breastfeed you because I want you to have all the immunity benefits, but like with everything since you’ve been born, I think I have to let go of my preconceived ideas and just wait and see what works for us.

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