Day 2

Dear Wolfgang,

The midwives warned us that the second night would be the hardest and they weren’t wrong. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you. Only a little over 24 hours ago you were floating weightless in my tummy. You didn’t have to worry about trying to breastfeed or the harsh realities of wind, poop and nappy changes. Everything was calm and you never had to deal with feeling too hot or too cold. This world is so loud and bright and some days just existing is ridiculously tough, especially for one as tiny and new as you.

Tonight, you just want to lie on Mummy or Daddy’s chest, and you know what? That’s absolutely fine. For now, we’ll take turns napping with you while the other one stays awake to make sure you’re safe. This is what family does. And you’re our family, Wolfgang, and we’ll always to whatever we can to minimise the noise and the cold and the harshness.

I’m just glad that Daddy’s chest is such a soft landing pad.

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