Day 15

Dear Wolfgang,

We’re working things out, you, me and Daddy. We’re getting better and faster at things like nappy changes and new outfits. We’re even starting to find our own routines for night feeds. But there are still so many things that we have no clue about.

Last night you were awake and screaming for several hours. (Was this the infamous witching hour?) You seemed to fall asleep for a few minutes but then would startle awake and start crying again. We felt so helpless. We could see how miserable you were, but we didn’t know how to fix it for you. We, of course, checked that you were warm, had a clean nappy and had had your fill of breastmilk. When none of these things needed attention, we were left with holding, rocking and walking around the house with you.

One day not so far off, you’ll be able to tell us what’s wrong. Until then, I promise we’ll always do our best to problem solve for you, little one. And if we can’t work out what’s causing you distress, we will always be there to hold you until it passes.

1 thought on “Day 15

  1. It sounds so much like silent reflux & what I experienced with Chanté. You may want to check with your Dr. if you think something’s not quite right then follow your gut instincts. Mother usually always know best as they are so in tune with their baby. 🙂

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