Day 14

Tonight at 10:30pm you’ll be two weeks old. These past two weeks have been a paradox, both incredibly long and ridiculously fast. We’re getting to see you grow before our eyes. I cannot believe that I carried you inside of me such a short time ago.

We managed to go for a walk in the winter sunshine today. You fell asleep as soon as the pram was moving, yet it still felt like such a huge achievement to manage a circuit of the park at the end of our street.

It’s amazing how good it was for my mental health to make it outside into the sunshine and fresh air. Since getting home from hospital, I’ve been pretty much house-bound. While it has been precious, insulated time with you, I think I was also starting to feel a bit trapped. And at the same time, going out with you was feeling more and more daunting as each day went past. But we did it. We went for a walk together. You were rugged up and warm and peaceful, and had a lovely sleep.

It’s such a shame you woke up and started screaming the moment we got home and took you out of the pram. Ah well, hopefully practice makes perfect.

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