Day 8

Dear Wolfgang,

Last night you had your first bath at home. When the midwife bathed you in hospital, you screamed your lungs out and seemed inconsolable. So, to avoid all of us going through that agony again, I decided to take some advice from my mum (your omi) because apparently I hated baths just as much as you.

Your daddy ran water into the big bath and made sure it was a nice temperature, and then I hopped in with you cradled against my chest. We wet a little towel and draped it over you, managing your startle reflex and keeping you nice and warm. The whole time you were in the water, you looked completely blissed out—almost as relaxed as when we’ve just finished a feed.

While some information gets superseded by better evidence-based knowledge, there is so much wisdom to be gained by listening to the advice of our parents and grandparents, who have of course experienced it all before.

We had another big win this morning. The childcare nurse visited and we found out that you’ve put on 270 grams in five days! And we’ve been told that we no longer have to wake you up for feeds. Hallelujah!
We feel pretty damn proud of ourselves, and of you, little Wolf. As your nanna said when I told her the news, now we just get to enjoy watching you grow.

2 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. Congratulations to all of you. Now you get to find your groove in routineswhich everyone’s comfortable with. Wonderful bathing & feeding 🙂 xo

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