Day 5

Dear Wolfgang,

I’m pretty sure I was hit over the head with the baby blues yesterday. Everything felt insurmountable and I kept bursting into tears. But, this morning, I finally feel like me again.

Our first night at home was amazing. Besides waking for feeds, you only had one little grizzle. It shouldn’t be surprising that getting a bit of sleep has made everything more manageable.

Since our first feed this morning, you’ve been happy sleeping in your bassinet, which has meant that your daddy can have some extra rest (he looked after you while I napped last night) and I’ve actually been able to brush my teeth, eat a whole bowl of porridge with fruit, and drink an entire cup of tea. Today I’m just grateful for the little victories.

I can see your nanna parking her car, so I’d better go and let her in. I know she’s looking forward to some of your cuddles (who wouldn’t).

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