So I breathe

Oh, little one. 

This year there have been plenty of days that seemed to exist in an unending haze of exhaustion and the stress of working from home while making sure you felt seen and loved. 
But then there are the moments when I hold you in my arms, cuddled against my shoulder, and I just breathe you in. And I remember that this time of being your whole world is so very fleeting. And that sooner than I want to think about, I won’t be able to carry your weight like this, cocooned and protected in my arms. 

So I take a breath and pay attention. I feel the rise and fall of your chest, your heartbeat, the one I used to refer to as little horses during all the long monitoring sessions of my high-risk pregnancy. I try to absorb the very essence of these moments through my skin and into the core of my being. 

I take a breath.

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