Day 17

Dear Wolfgang,

We saw the maternal/child health nurse today. Everything went well and you’re still growing like a champ, though I have no idea how anyone makes it anywhere on time with a newborn. This morning, by the time we had you fed and in a fresh nappy, I had barely 15 minutes to have a shower. Getting you, the pram and the nappy bag in the car was overwhelming to say the least. Thankfully, you remained unfazed and slept through both car trips and most of the appointment with the nurse. Taking you out into the world is still a scary prospect, but every trip out of the house, no matter how small, makes it feel that little bit more manageable.

We all napped this afternoon because you’d been up much of the night. The nurse thinks you’re suffering from colic. It seems highly likely as I was a very colicky baby. We’ll get you (and me) some probiotics and see if that helps. The way you pull your little legs up and squeal is enough to make me cry. If we could take all the pain and bear it for you, we would.

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