Day 9

Dear Wolfgang,

In sharing these letters on my website, I’ve been criticised for spending too much time behind a computer when I should be focused on my family. This criticism saddened me, not because I think it’s true (I’ve only been writing while you’re asleep), but because of what it suggests about how our society still views new mothers. Apparently, since you came into my life, I’m not allowed to have an existence outside of being your mum. What is so deeply upsetting about this is that I don’t think anyone would expect your daddy to meet the same criteria. Well, Wolfgang, that is not good enough for me.

As you learn and grow, I want you to see that your mum not only loves and cares for you, but that she has passions and interests, and that she makes time in her week to pursue her personal goals. That is the kind of mum I want to be, and the example I want to set for you.



1 thought on “Day 9

  1. I think you are a wonderful mum & I’m saddened to hear people criticising you. Disregard their criticisms as Wolfgang will enjoy reading your letters when he’s ready. 🙂 <3 xo

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